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Men’s Basketball Preview: We’re Talking New Hampshire

It’s a black-out this afternoon.

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Last Time Out

Iowa State trounced yet another completely outclassed nonconference opponent in the Eastern Illinois Fight Tony Romos by an 80-48 final score. Curtis Jones led the Cyclones in scoring with 18 points on 5/9 shooting from three, while Tamin Lipsey, Bob Jones, and Milan Momcilovic all poured in 16 points themselves.

About New Hampshire

Believe it or not, New Hampshire will be (marginally) the stiffest mid-major competition on the schedule outside of VCU. New Hampshire doesn’t do anything well on offense outside of taking care of the ball, where they do rank in the top 50% in turnover percentage.

Defensively it’s much of the same, with their one saving grace being the 14th-ranked three-point defensive percentage. That said, three-point defense is, at best, a shaky measuring post of defense since it’s so dependent on the shooting skill of the opponent.

Two players are responsible for well over 50% of all of UNH’s possessions used, Clarence Daniels and Ahmad Robinson, who average 19.8 and 16.2 points per game, respectively.

Robinson, the point guard, leads the team in assist rate and does shoot from three at a decent clip, but he’s only averaging a couple of attempts from behind the arc per game. Clarence Daniels is a much more regular shooter from the wing, hitting threes at a 38% rate. However, Daniels can also make a significant impact on the glass, especially on the defensive end.

Opposing Player to Watch

Clarence Daniels is the Wildcat’s leading scorer and will be the primary player to focus on defensively for Iowa State. He doesn’t do anything outrageously well, but is a solid all-around player.

Pick 3

  1. Iowa State forces 20 turnovers against New Hampshire’s turnover-averse offense.
  2. Curtis Jones makes 3+ threes again, finally cementing him as being over the massive slump he started the season with.
  3. Hason Ward makes his return grabbing five boards and blocking a couple shots in the process.

Score Prediction

Iowa State - 94

New Hampshire - 50