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The Mid-Morning Dump: Iowa State Returns to Liberty Bowl

They’ll face Memphis again in a rematch of the 2017 game

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WIN OVER DEPAUL. An offensive explosion against DePaul.

FULL CIRCLE. Back to Memphis the Cyclones go.

TRANSFER PORTAL. Campbell says he expects no more entries.

3 TAKEAWAYS. From Iowa States win and Tamin’s performance.

CAMPBELLS BEST SEASON. Says the man Randy Pete.

WRESTLING. Iowa State wins the Cliff Keen Invitational.

LADIES. Beat UNCW at home in dominant fashion.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL PREVIEW. What a loaded field we have.

UNBELIVEABLE. Undefeated Florida State was left out of the playoff.

SOUL-CRUSHING FINISH. To the college football playoff, exposing it for what it was all along.

PORTAL TRACKER. Kyle McCord was a shocking portal entry.

BROCK. PURDY. What a win the 49ers had against the Eagles.

BUCKS-KNICKS. Have a fun KO match in the tournament.

NBA TRADE RUMORS. Spurs are going to be selling.

NFL MOCK DRAFT. It’s time to start thinking about it.

CHEIFS LOSE. In maybe questionable fashion to the Packers.

NFL WEEK 13 GRADES. The 49ers get an A++.