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Iowa State Men’s Basketball Preview: We’re Talkin’ Okie State Part 2

Lord, Protect Us from Avery Anderson III

NCAA Basketball: Iowa State at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

Last Time Out

Hey, uh, who’s the officiating crew today? Iowa State suffered a loss on the road, and basketball fans suffered from watching 2.5 hours of overzealous whistles. West Virginia won a much-needed game for their bubble resume, as Iowa State faltered on the road for the umpteenth time this season.

It’s hard to really even break down the West Virginia game because it didn’t feel much like a basketball game. It was so disjointed, Iowa State didn’t execute down the stretch, but they really haven’t all season on the road. I don’t know man, weird game, I don’t think we’ll really know more about the game until West Virginia travels to Hitlon on the 27th. I suspect the Cyclones will get their revenge at home.

About Oklahoma State

Oklahoma State is sneakily tied for third place in the Big 12 with TCU. I think they’re a lock for a tournament team come March.

If you need something to compare this Oklahoma State team to, watch some 2021-2022 Cyclones men’s basketball games. This is one of the best defensive teams in the country, but boy do they struggle on the other end. If a team had Baylor’s offense, and Ok State’s defense, they might be the best team of all time.

No player for Okie State averages more than 12 points a game, but they have three players that average over 10 points. Similar to Iowa State, this is a ‘sum of their parts’ team. Well, unless Avery Anderson III goes off like he has in the past against Iowa State.

Player to Watch

Now that’s what we call a transition. Avery Anderson III is averaging 27 points against the Cyclones in his last two games against them. He gets just over 11 ppg, but he’s liable to go off again.

I would expect Gabe Kalscheur to get that defensive assignment today. If we can contain Anderson, make Oklahoma State run half-court offense, the Cowboys could get really stagnant on offense. I think the goal has to be shut down Anderson, let the rest of the team try to beat you.

Pick 3

  1. Tamin Lipsey has 7+ points, rebounds, and assists.
  2. Avery Anderson is held under 15 points.
  3. Caleb Grill leads all scorers.

What Will Happen

As bad as we’ve been on the road, we’ve been fantastic at home. If Iowa State is just graded by their home games, they’re top 3 in NET rating in the entire country. Iowa State needs a frustration outlet after West Virginia. I expect the Cyclones to be the more aggressive, physical team, and if the refs allow a physical game, I like our chances.

Our defense is just as good as Oklahoma State’s, but our offense is miles ahead. Iowa State needs to win out at home to stay in Big 12 contention and to stay on that 4-seed line or better. I like the Cyclones here, I’ve seen this team play their best basketball at home time and time again, I’m not going to doubt them today.

Iowa State is getting -6 from Vegas, I think they cover. Cyclones win, 68-57.