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The Mid-Morning Dump: Kansas City Chiefs are World Champs Again

Lets turn the page on a brutal week of Cyclone Basketball

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OUCH. The Cyclones lost their first home contest to Oklahoma State.

IT’S PRETTY SIMPLE. Here are TJ’s thoughts after the game.

LOST FOCUS. Jared Stansbury put together a nice write-up on what went wrong.

WHAT THEY SAID. Listen to TJ and the players after Saturday’s game.

LADIES LOSE. The season feels like it is coming off the rails a bit.

TIME TO REBOUND. Texas comes to town tonight.

WORK TO DO. For the ladies to host games in March.

WRASTLIN’. The Cyclones won at UNI and home against Illinois.

TENNIS. Cyclones lost to #5 Georgia.

HOW. The Chiefs played a near-perfect second half.

HOLDING CALL. Was it a hold? Probably. Did calling it there stink? Absolutely.

10 STORYLINES. From the big game you may have missed.

TURF WAR. The field surface was in awful shape.

NOW BACK TO PERFUME. Rhianna returned to music, even if only briefly.

RIRI NAVY GROWS. She is indeed pregnant, her team announced.

WILD LOGISTICS. Of her super smash brothers-like stage for the halftime show.

COASTING TO THE FINISH LINE. Chad Henne snagged another ring and is retiring.

KID REPORTER. Cool opportunity for an 11 year old Iowan.

NOT ELECTRIC. A CEO paid big bucks for an add attacking self-driving cars.