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The Mid-Morning Dump: Horns Down Forever

The Twister Sisters Grab a Much-Needed Win

HORNS DOWN Iowa State snaps a three-game losing streak against a very athletic Texas team. Texas and Baylor’s size and athleticism has been a constant blight on this iteration of Cyclones, that’s a big win.

BUSTED Lexi Donarski took one on the chin... err the lip.

JUST WIN Bill Fennelly is the 27th coach in women’s basketball to get to 750 wins.

GIANT KILLERS No number one is safe against the Cyclones.

MICHIGAN STATE Not going to editorialize this one much, here’s the article.

WINLESS Kyrie and Luka might be the most overpaid losers in basketball.

WHAT’S GOING ON IN BROOKLYN You ask? No clue, I don’t know, I don’t care, we can win, we can lose, basketball is dumb, and I hate everything.

AS THE DUST SETTLES Who came out on top after the NBA trade deadline? In my opinion the real winners were five second round draft picks.

BYE EAGLES BYE I wanted both teams to lose, but at least one of them did.

THE DPI The Mid-February ratings are out. Surprises: Saint Mary’s is really high, Purdue is kind of low, and Marquette is fraudulent.