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The #3 Cyclones Are Headed To #10 Missouri For The Final Big 12 Dual Of The Season

This is going to be one for the books so don’t miss out!

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The Stage Has Been Set

This is it. Iowa State can make history again with a win in Missouri by going undefeated in the Big 12 2 years in a row. But it will not be an easy feat. This is a very well-coached team with elite talent in the starting lineups. In order to win, the Cyclones need to be zoned in and give all they got because I know the Tigers remember their duel last year. They will be coming out to try to punch Iowa State square in the mouth but Iowa State must weather the storm and come back in full force. I know Kevin Dresser will prepare these guys for the battle they must face.

And talk about some battles. We’ve got #1 at 165 going against #2 (Which are both national champions). We have an epic rematch at 197. We have a 285-pound wrestler on a hot streak but facing an opponent he has never beaten before. We also have some weights that are on the fringe of getting an allocation if they beat their opponent. This will be an exhilarating, non-stop action, not going to know what will happen until the final whistle is blown type of duel. So... ladies and gentlemen, without further to do, let’s get into the lineup and see what we have in store.

Starting Lineups

* Rankings will be for the sites Intermat/Flowrestling

125: Caleb Fuessley (ISU) Vs. Noah Surtin 13/12 (MIZZOU)

Caleb Fuessley had an amazing match on Sunday against Illinois where he won in overtime. Fuessley’s confidence has been picking up and he has been hanging around with the best. This is an extremely important match for both teams as Noah Surtin will be the favorite in this one. But one thing that Missouri fans don’t know about is how close Fuessley keeps in matches especially now after getting 2 ‘months' worth of experience starting. Also, Iowa State might throw true freshman Ethan Perryman in to throw a wrench into Surtin’s plans.

133: Zach Redding 19/24 (ISU) Vs. Connor Brown 27/HM (MIZZOU)

Zach Redding is coming off a tough loss in Illinois but should be back in action. Iowa State will need a win in this weight class to keep Iowa State’s dreams alive for an undefeated season. Connor Brown is not just a walk in the park but if Redding is focused, chances are he will be able to take care of business.

141: Casey Swiderski 32/HM (ISU) Vs. Allen Hart 16/16 (MIZZOU)

Casey Swiderski looked great against Illinois and is looking to capitalize on it against Allen Hart. Allen Hart has had his ups and downs this season so Casey Swiderski has a chance to come out with a win in this matchup. Swiderski will need to win this matchup to get a chance for an allocation spot.

149: Paniro Johnson 10/9 (ISU) Vs. Brock Mauller 7/6 (MIZZOU)

We are going to get into some Top 10 matchup showdowns. Paniro Johnson has a dynamic wrestler who is Brock Mauller. Similar styles and I’m going to give my Sudden Victory match (1A). I feel like this one is going to be after the 3 periods. If Paniro Johnson wrestles like he should, then expect a win for the Cyclones.

157: Jason Kraisser 26/HM (ISU) Vs. Jarrett Jacques 10/14 (MIZZOU)

Another Allocation fringe is Jason Kraisser. He fought hard in his matchup in the Illinois duel but came up just short. This could be a fantastic opportunity to get tier 1 win against Jarrett Jacques. Jason Kraisser has the ability to turn it on at the end of matches with his insurmountable amount of stamina. If he can get Jacques tired in the 3rd, this could be set up for a wild match.

165: David Carr 2/2 (ISU) Vs. Keegan O’Toole 1/1 (MIZZOU)

This, my friends, is what you call a marquee matchup. I can guarantee you that many people will tune into this match. David Carr (National Champion at 157) facing off against Keegan O’Toole (National Champion at 165). These are the types of matches you rarely see and I will tell you without a shadow of a doubt, this will be talked about for years to come. Will Keegan O’Toole’s relentless offense trump David Carr’s tactful and sound defense/re-attacks or will David Carr find cracks in Keegan O’Toole’s offense and defense? Which one will stand victorious in round #1? (Oh ya, forgot to mention, they will be going against each other against for a possible 2 other times) Tune in to find out. I am giving this one my Sudden Victory (1B). There’s just too much variables that make me think that this won’t go into overtime.

174: Julien Broderson 27/NR (ISU) Vs. Peyton Mocco 7/6 (MIZZOU)

Julien Broderson is back in action and had a close loss in the Illinois duel but looked great. He will be going against a very strong Peyton Mocco who has recently knocked off Dustin Plotts. This matchup is going to be an uphill battle for Broderson but he has some motivation on his side. If he does win this matchup, he could get an allocation spot. That alone could make this matchup more interesting. Furthermore, Broderson has had a nice rest for the last week that could pay dividends at the end of the season.

184: Marcus Coleman 4/4 (ISU) Vs. Colton Hawks 25/HM (MIZZOU)

Marcus was just relentless in the Illinois duel. A pure animal and we need him to be in this matchup against Colton Hawks. bonus points are going to be the key in this matchup and Coleman is the king of that. I know that Coleman will be thinking about how important getting extra teams for Iowa State is essential in this duel so I highly expect him to come out like his pants are on fire.

197: Yonger Bastida 7/8 (ISU) Vs. Rocky Elam 5/4 (MIZZOU)

Talk about tension in the room. We talk about this on the Sudden Victory Podcast. These two do not like each other. It is evident and I don’t expect them to mend bonds right at this moment. Yonger Bastida lost his match on Sunday. I highly expect Bastida to bounce back and come out against Rocky Elam. Rocky Elam has only wrestled 7 matches this year so I believe this could play a factor in this matchup. Or it could not and both of them could be in a bloody match like it was last year. This will get my Sudden Victory (1C)

285: Sam Schuyler 9/8 (ISU) Vs. Zach Elam 7/7 (MIZZOU)

Last but not least, Sam Schuyler has been a man on a mission. He is not only winning but in a dominant fashion. Now comes the real test. He has never beaten Zach Elam. Zach Elam has always gotten the better of Sam Schuyler. Will this be the time that Schuyler finally climbs over this hill and beats Elam? Well, let's just compare one match and I’ll let you decide. Tyrell Gordon from UNI has gone against both Zach Elam and Sam Schuyler. Elam beat Gordon in Sudden Victory 3-1 while Schuyler beat Gordon 4-1. I am going to place my money on Schuyler and for good reason. He has been on fire as of late and I don’t think it will let up.

Final Score

Iowa State- 19 Missouri- 13

If I know anything about Iowa State, they are tough to be and have many different wrestlers step up when they need it. Missouri has lost to Oklahoma State and is beatable. Iowa State needs to make sure that they win the matches that they are supposed to win and get a couple of swing matches along the way. If they can do that then I see Iowa State looking at 2 years in a row being undefeated in the Big 12.

Where: Columbia, Missouri at Hearnes Center

When: Wednesday, February 15 at 6:30 P.M.

How to Watch: Flowrestling (New thing: they have a subscription package for only $30. Certainly worth the money to watch these 2 teams wrestle)

If you can’t/aren’t able to watch it. Come join us on the WRNL discord Where Sam Phillips and I will be in giving you updates and live reactions. Doesn’t matter if you are an expert in wrestling or just beginning to watch, we invite anyone to come in and join us.