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Missouri Gets Its Revenge on Iowa State 23-12

BUT... We took down their star wrestler which is a win in my book

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Missouri Overcomes the Cyclones in This Matchup

Streaks always come to an end. Oh, what a bitter moment for the people involved but when those end, a new one begins. This can be infuriating to fans, players, and coaches but lessons can be learned and teams grow stronger because of that. Iowa State just lost their winning streak in the Big 12. We as fans need to appreciate these moments. We had an amazing 2 years of dominance and with that, there is still more to grow upon. But we need to talk about the duel. What went right? What went wrong? let's dive in and grow together.

Match Results

Let’s start from the beginning of the duel which was at 174

174: Peyton Mocco (MIZ) Dec. Julien Broderson (ISU) 7-5

Peyton Mocco was in control of the first 5 minutes of the match, at one point the score was 6-1 and it was looking like Mocco was going to get some bonus points for the team but Broderson came alive and shored it up to 7-4 going into the 3rd period. Broderson gets the escape but couldn’t come up with the takedown. Great comeback for Broderson but just fell short.

184: Marcus Coleman (ISU) Dec. Colton Hawks (MIZ) 4-2

Man, I misjudged Colton Hawks. His brute strength got Marcus Coleman in some very uncomfortable positions. Coleman couldn’t get a shot in on Hawks until the 3rd period. This was a match that I thought Coleman could get some bonus points on but I’ll give credit to Hawks. He fought tough.

197: Rocky Elam (MIZ) Dec. Yonger Bastida (ISU) 4-0

This was not Yonger’s best match. He didn’t look as fresh or pressing as he usually does. Rocky Elam got the takedown in the first period and rides him out. The second period came around and Bastida chooses down. Elam rides him down the whole period. Elam chooses down in the 3rd period and gets out instantly. it’s 4-0 with riding time and that’s where the match will end. I believe some good rest for Bastida will be good for him ( And for the whole team).

285: Sam Schuyler (ISU) Dec. Zach Elam (MIZ) 5-3

I want to take a second to talk about Sam Schuyler. This guy has made so many improvements in the last year that it’s unbelievable. This is a guy who hasn’t beaten Zach Elam ever and comes out and dominates the match. His takedowns were quick, his decisions were precise and he looked like he belongs on the podium this year. I know he will. He looks like an All-American wrestler right now.

125: Noah Surtin (MIZ) Falls Ethan Perryman (ISU) (2:54)

This match was looking like it was going to be a fun one until Surtin showed why he can be so dangerous at 125. Surtin took Perryman down and proceeded to put him into a tilt twice. it was 10-0 with 30 seconds left when Surtin put a cradle in and that was the end of the match. Perryman got a taste of what a top-ranked wrestler is like. Will be great experience for this young man in the offseason.

133: Zach Redding (ISU) Dec. Conner Brown (MIZ) 9-7

This match was intense from start to finish. The best word to describe Conner Brown is wiggly. Redding had problems trying to take him down and was constantly trying to keep from going on his back in the top position. If not for riding time and an illegal headlock, this would have gotten really interesting. But it didn’t and Redding got the victory.

141: Allan Hart (MIZ) Dec. Casey Swiderski (ISU) 7-1

This was frustrating not because of the Swiderski but because of the refs. The stalling calls on Swiderski when he couldn’t even build back up to his base or he was building back up were just infuriating. Allan Hart did what he needed to do and got Swiderski on the bottom for 2+ minutes. Casey Swiderski has had a rough second half of the year but will learn from all these matches.

149: Brock Mauller (MIZ) SV Fall Paniro Johnson (ISU) 8:45

What a match. this is not going to be over. In fact Big 12 Championship is coming up and I highly expect these two to meet back up for round 2. Mauller didn’t do a whole lot in this matchup but is good at scrambling positions. Paniro was shooting in and trying to get a takedown. He was handling Mauller well until sudden victory when he tried to jump over Mauller. Mauller had his arm in a Whizzer and when Johnson jumped over, he cranked on his arm and put him on his back. I’m sure Johnson will remember that.

157: Jarrett Jacques (MIZ) Dec. Jason Kraisser (ISU) 2-0

One takedown is all Jarrett Jacques did to win this match. Both rode each other out in the second and third periods. I’ll give props to Kraisser. He has come a long way since the first of the year. Really improved and has been tough this second half of the season. Unfortunately, he has had the losing side of the matches but wrestles tough. Gather your strength up and get an allocation spot at the Big 12 Championship.

165: David Carr (ISU) Dec. Keegan O’Toole 7-2

The dual was already won by Missouri. They had just one wrestling match to go and it was their star (Who’s only lost one match in his college career so far) to our star (who has lost 3 matches all his college career so far. Let me tell you, from an Iowa State fan who has seen the whole duel meet go down tonight, this was bittersweet to watch. The Missouri crowd was silent and was in disbelief at what they were seeing. David Carr not only won this matchup but DOMINATED! granted Keegan O’Toole took David Carr down once, Carr was back up and out ready for round two. The poise, confidence, and patience Carr had was evident. David looked like the #1 165-pound wrestler tonight and isn’t even an argument. Don’t worry though, O’Toole will get his chance possibly 2 more times but I would say that he needs to be ready because what I saw was a dominant wrestler step on that mat.

Wrap Up

Am I disappointed that this didn’t go Iowa State’s way? No doubt. Are there things that made me mad? Yes, but that won’t get me down or quit on this team because they have done miraculous things in the last few months. Kudos to this team and having one heck of a successful regular season. 1 loss is not going to taint a season like this one. This is a season that will be in the books for quite some time. Now it is time to focus on the Post-Season. It’s time to win some championships.

Iowa State will host the Last Chance Open Tournament on February 19th and then the Big 12 Championships will be on March 5th-6th. Sam and I will have all the coverage that you will need to be prepared to follow all the wrestlers including allocations, brackets, matchups, etc. We will be here to make sure that we can answer questions to the best of our abilities.