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The Mid-Morning Dump: Winning Is Fun

Breaking News: Not blowing a lead and losing games is pretty cool.

COOL STAT ALERT Iowa State is the only team in CBB with seven or more wins over AP top 25 teams.

IS THIS YOUR KING?? Carr takes his rightful spot on the throne at number 1.

PAIN I hate being Missouri’s Super Bowl

REBOUNDING GOD Shoon is pretty good at this rebounding thing.

YOU LIKE JAZZ? Jazz Kunc sets a career-high in points and three-pointers made!

SOME THINGS Mikal Bridges confirmed good basketball player and good son.

FEBRUARY MADNESS College Basketball is getting better and better by the day.

WHO’S ALL GOING? Antman and The Wasp Quantumania hitting theaters on Thursday.

END OF AN ERA Kevin Love and the Cavs are finalizing a buyout.