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The Mid-Morning Dump: Two Weeks of Regular Season Hoops Left

Plus lots of Cyclones playing in the XFL

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NO SHAME. In a road loss to Kansas State.

ON THE GRILL. Here are TJ’s thoughts on Caleb’s health.

TYRESE. Haliburton had a great All-Star Weekend.

TWISTER SISTERS. Snag a massive road win in Waco in 2 overtimes.

REAGAN WILSON. The wins keep coming for the women with a nice recruiting addition for the 2024 class.

SOFTBALL. The Cyclones won two weekend games.

XFL IS BACK. And there are lots of Cyclones on rosters.

WINNERS AND LOSERS. From the NBA’s all-star weekend.

TATUM MAKES HISTORY. In Team Giannis’s win over team LeBron.

CBB WINNERS AND LOSERS. Kansas is en fuego right now folks.

CBB RANKINGS. CBS still has Iowa State at 15 despite tough stretch of games.

NEW MLB RULE CHANGES. Here’s a breakdown of what is proposed.

DISGUSTED. The Packers are supposedly disgusted with Aaron Rodgers.

MOCK ME ALLLLLL NIGHT LONG. Check out an updated mock from PFF.