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The Mid-Morning Dump: Longhorn Network Still Exists?

Just Stream it on SEC Network at This Point

FREE SMOKE Snakes in the grass in Austin tonight. Cyclones look to get their biggest road win of the season.

BUILT FOR THIS As the state of Iowa filled Wells Fargo for state wrestling, David Carr was getting busy.

TENNIS SCHOOL A historic season for women’s tennis. What a year.

NO MORE BALL The Bull’s sideline Lonzo Ball for the remainder of the season.

NETS MINUTE Jacque Vaughn, who thought he could be in the Finals this year, is now the coach of the future for a rebuilding Nets team.

“NEW” NUMBER ONE Houston, future Big 12 member, has been the best team in basketball all year, now the AP represents what’s been true all season.

BALL-KANS Something in the water over there. If Yugoslavia was still a country, their Olympic squad would be incredible.

ALL-STAR WEEKEND Shoutout Mac McClung, Tyrese Haliburton, and please God never honor or even show Karl Malone again.

FUN WITH NUMBERS Crunching numbers for DPI, it’s interesting to me how a great team can be so bad in a certain statistic, this though, is like a finding a three-legged unicorn in statistics.