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Iowa State Doesn’t Win, 72-54

Whatever, Man

NCAA Basketball: Iowa State at Texas Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports

Good thing nobody saw this game because it was on the dumbest network ever created. Shoutout to all the Sling free trials that were just recently discontinued too, and the illegal streamers out there, y’all the real MVP.

Well, that was stupid. The Cyclones had a very solid first five minutes, and a very forgetful final 35 minutes. If you’re good at math, that doesn’t bode well in most games.

So instead of talking about any of that bullshit, here’s a link to the game on January 30th where Hilton was the most pissed off, I’ve ever seen it in person.

This game got away from Iowa State, Texas shot it really well, Iowa State isn’t going to win a road game the rest of the year, whatever.

Horns down, and I hope Tyrese Hunter has a lackluster career on the third best team in Israel.

COMING UP, the Sooners come to Ames on Saturday. That one tips off at 11am on ESPNU. Pack Hilton be loud and be mean and be angry. Godspeed.