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The Mid-Morning Dump: Sad Day Bad Day

I forgot what winning feels like

RECAP Would prefer both the women’s and men's team to stop losing this week.

DAY 1 I can only assume our swim and dive team is the next dynasty ready and waiting.

MAKING MOVES ISU Athletics is making money moves ($10-12 million to be exact).

STILL GOOD Despite the last loss, ISU Wrestling remains in the Top 5 heading into March.

NEW CLASS We got some fresh meat coming into the Hall of Fame.

BC NATION RISE UP! Fun Fact, BC has lost to Maine, Tarleton State, and New Hampshire this year.

WHAT THE FU** How did this go in??

SO THIS HAPPENED That’s certainly one way to play after the off-court situation.

IT IS WHAT IT IS Just another night in the Big 12.