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The Mid-Morning Dump: Final Week of the Regular Season is Here

Rough week for the men’s team once again

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ALL PAIN NO HOPE. What an atrocious home loss to Oklahoma.

ALARM BELLS. Are going off, says Travis Hines.

TCU SWEEP. For the Lady Cyclones.

GET BACK TO DICTATING. Stansbury here with a good column on the last game of the season.

WHAT TJ SAID. Following the loss.

TWO DROPPED IN TEMPE. A few weekend losses for the Cyclone softball team in Tempe.

SWIMMING IN SECOND. The Big 12s are completed and ISU finished 2nd.

SOFTBALL. The Cyclones won two weekend games.

CBB GRADES. From the week that was.

PROOF GOOD THINGS HAPPEN TO BAD PEOPLE. Iowa had a nice weekend at home.

ANOTHER WRONG NOTE. From Alabama regarding the Brandon Miller saga.

TAXATION IS THEFT. Jordan Poyer doesn’t want to play for a team in a state with heavy income taxes.

MOCKIN’ 9 TO 5. PFF is here with a 2 round mock draft.

PITCH CLOCK CHAOS. What a funny ending to a spring training game.


SPRING TRAINING DARK HORSE. To make the opening-day rosters.

XFL WINNERS AND LOSERS. From the second weekend of this new venture.