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The Mid-Morning Dump: Love Your Children Unconditionally, but Pay Them Conditionally

Pretty Sure That’s an Ancient Chinese Proverb

A BAKER’S TOP 10 After a mixed bag of a week, the Cyclones move up two spots in the AP.

OOF After a pair of loses the women drop to 21 and are playing some bad basketball at a bad time.

TICKET-GATE After an un-updated picture, it seemed like the student section was back to its rightful spot, well, that’s not the case.

SOMETHING ABOUT GREEN GRASS Turns out a quick cash grab might not be the end all be all for collegiate success. Crazy.

NEPOTISM Brian Ferentz is still employed, but this season, he has expectations. If Iowa averages 25 points per game, Kirk will get him an ice cream treat after the game.

J-E-T-S I always think redrafts are kind of dumb, but now I’m daydreaming about a Brock Purdy and Breece Hall Jets offense.

N-E-T-S The Mavs might’ve traded for the wrong guard. Cam Thomas has scored 91 points in his last two games, the youngest player to do that since LeBron James.

LIVING ON THE EDGE The Kyrie trade will either be the beginning of the demise of Doncic in Dallas, or literally my worst nightmare.

I LIKE IT Redrafts are dumb, and so are February bracket projections, but this one is very favorable. The second-best team in Iowa State’s pod is Eastern Washington, don’t @ me.

SUPER BOWL Only two teams get this far, and you need a damn near perfect roster to do so. Here’s a closer look at both teams.