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The Mid-Morning Dump: “Eat Shit Pitt” it is

The Cyclones find out their opponent.

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QUEEN OBY The Cyclones picks up a Big 12 POTW.

STILL A TENNIS SCHOOL Iowa State remains 4th in the country.

MASS CHAOS Iowa State Twitter was coming up with all of the conspiracy theories to what this could be.

TURNS OUT The team got new travel sweats.

PAY DAY Cyclone legend Allen Lazard is heading to East Rutherford.

SAD DAY BAD DAY (FOR BEARS FANS) David Montgomery signs with Detroit.

THIS IS MARCH Texas A&M-Corpus Cristi wins the first game of the NCAA Tournament.

RESPECT Texas A&M-CC fans want Bama.

EAT SHIT PITT With this, Iowa State will face Pittsburgh in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.

SLEEPERS? Here are the teams most likely to get upset in the NCAA Tourney.