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The Mid-Morning Dump: IT’S CHRISTMAS

DUN DUN DUN DUUN DUN DUNNN (To the Tune of the CBS Jingle)

WRASTLIN’ Take a break from basketball, or don’t up to you, but this is a UGE weekend for college athletics.

ALL AMERICAN All over again. A familiar award for the best basketball player since Michael Jordan (IYKYK)

AND BY THE WAY A very happy birthday to Ashley Joens.

THE KING IS BACK Tre King has come a long way from his EKU days and waited a long time. Now King is on the biggest stage, with a heightened role.

BUST IT This will be playing on a loop for the next 96 hours. Thank you.

THE EXPERTS Should be in quotes. I wouldn’t be surprised if my two-year-old niece has a better bracket than me. Anyway, here’s what they think.

THE DPI My nerdy little labor of love. It’s like KenPom but cooler and better. The best version of the DPI ever made, and I even gave out the recipe.

CAN OLD DOGS LEARN NEW JETS? Aaron Rodgers looks like he’ll be on the move for the first time in his career. The question is, will it work?

GLASS SLIPPERS Don’t fit all Cinderella’s equally. I already have my picks in, but if you’re a gambling man, here’s some teams to consider.

WE SLEEP IN MAY If you guys don’t hear from me until April 4th, just know that I’m happily in a college basketball coma.