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The Mid-Morning Dump: The Most Painful Cyclone Sports Weekend Ever?

If it isn’t at the top, it’s certainly close

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OUCH. The Cyclones were doomed due to cold shooting in the loss to Pitt.

BOUNCED. The Cyclones were upset by Toledo on Saturday.

RIMS. We didn’t like the rims, and the rims didn’t like us.

GOOD PLACE. The Cyclones are still in a good place despite the loss.

NEXT STEPS. Here are the next steps for Otz.

CARR FALLS. Finishes runner up.

COLEMAN. Is an All-American.

LADIES GOLF. Sets records, wins at the Mountain View Intercollegiate.

EXCUSES ARE FOR WUSSIES. Unless you lose in the semifinals and don’t want to wrestle for third.

KANSAS STATE. Advances to the Sweet 16.

WINNERS AND LOSERS. From Round 2 of the NCAA Tournament.

RESEEDING THE SWEET 16. Texas listed 4th of the remaining 16.

FAU. FAU took down FDU.

UPSETS. Why are more 15 and 16 seed upsets happening now?

MLB. 5 non-playoff teams who could make the jump in 2023.

WESTERN CONFERENCE UPDATE. Are the Mavs in the drivers seat?

GIANNIS. Recorded the 13th perfect triple double in NBA history.

NLF FREE AGENCY. Keep track of all the moves here.

LIVIN’ LAZISH. Allen Lazard is going to New York and he got paid.