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The Mid-Morning Dump: End the Streak

Will McDonald Could Finally End the First Round Drought

PRO DAY Eight Cyclones will be showing out for NFL scouts in Ames today.

TRANSFER PORTAL SZN I will be a frequent visitor of the 247 sports transfer ratings and convince myself Otz is getting all of them.

SO UH, NOW WHAT? A premature ending for men’s and women’s basketball, wrestling coming to a close, the season changes to spring/summer sports.

PLEASE If I have to see that stupid graphic that says ‘Cyclones haven’t had a first-round pick since the James Buchannan administration’ I’m going to lose it.

REAL SWEET With a lack of blue bloods, does UCLA count? Here’s a look at the best historical team from every Sweet 16 team left.

MUST WATCH TV Here’s a ranking of watchability for NBA players.

FREE BLAH-GENCY It’s been a relatively slow free agent season outside of Aaron Rodgers being a weirdo.

THE DPI The DPI correctly predicted 13/16 Sweet 16 teams, and 7 of the Elite 8 teams are still alive. We’re onto something folks.