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The Mid-Morning Dump: The Final Four is Set

FAU, SDSU, Miami, UCONN, just like everyone predicted.

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UH OH. Lexi Donarski is in the transfer portal.

TURNOVER. The Cyclones have handled roster issues before.

SOCCOR COACH ABUSE. Allegations against former coach Tony Minatta.

FOUR THINGS. We want to see from the Cyclones in spring ball.

NEXT STEPS. Here are the next steps for Otz.

TENNIS WIN. For the #6 Cyclones over Baylor.

RECORD SOFTBALL CROWD. On hand to watch ISU drop two to #1 Oklahoma.

SPRING VOLLEYBALL. Iowa State hosted a spring volleyball tourney.

FINAL FOUR. The Final Four everyone no one expected.

BREAKDOWN. Of each of the 4 teams and their title odds.

HEARTBREAK. For Creighton in their loss to SDSU.

AZTECS. What a win for San Diego State and the Mountain West.

HURRICANES. Complete the comeback and knock off Texas.

THE DEMOLITION OF GONZAGA. Was thorough and sent UCONN to the Final Four.

WHY ISN’T IT LEGAL? Everyone is asking the question after watching an over-the-backboard hoop get waived off.

OLD FRIEND. Kim Mulkey is back in the Final Four with LSU.

CAITLIN CLARK. With a 40 point triple-double in an all-time tournament performance.

MLB POWER RANKINGS. The season starts this week!

IRVING-LUKA DISASTER. Are the Mavs just tanking now??

NBA PLAYOFFS. Check out where things stand with weeks left.