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The Mid-Morning Dump: I Need a Hero

As The Basketball Season Ends, It’s Time to Talk Freshmen

FANTASTIC FRESHMEN With early exits in March Madness and the transfer portal starting to chip away at moral, let’s look towards the fuuuuuuture.

THE SAVIOR Otz wasn’t known as a defensive specialist before his time at Iowa State, but Biliew could be the crown jewel for Otzelbasketbergerball

VERSATILE A front court of Omaha, Bobby Jones, Hason Ward and Milan Momcilovic (and possibly a transfer) is formidable. I really like Rob Jones sticking around, this is a front court that needs a veteran presence.

BASEBALL IS STARTING? I mean sure, I guess. Here’s a look at all 30 teams’ playoff chances.

BASKETBALL IS ENDING? I love March Madness, but I’m not exactly pumped about a FAU v. San Diego State final four game. What if Alabama, K State, Houston and UCONN just played for a Final Four and I can watch that instead?

THINGS YOU HATE TO SEE Not this. Kyrie ruining Luka’s season, all while being as far away from the Brooklyn Nets as possible, is basically my best case scenario.

THE RUCKER I really might make the trip for this. Rucker Park is the Holy Grail of basketball in the Mecca of it all. Definitely a bucket list spot, and possibly seeing Iowa State there, that’s awesome.

THE TRUTH Markquis Nowell was hands down the best part of this tournament. An incredible second weekend, we deserve to see that man in the Final 4.