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The Mid-Morning Dump: Twitter Drama

Ashley Joens backs Bill and Emily on Twitter.

YESSIR Ashley was already considered the goat, but this certifies it.

LEAVE NO DOUBT Softball has 3 games in 3 days and I want a sweep!

MAKIN HISTORY Thai Thompson and Sydney Willits doing what they do best.

OHHHH?? We get some more insight into the transfer situation in Ames.

LAVAR IS BACK IN THE NEWS LaVar Ball is trying everything to keep Bronny out of Ames.

LOVE TO SEE IT Rumors are spreading that Jordan Love is soon to be better than Rodgers.

WONDER WHERE TO? A key piece during K-State’s Elite 8 run announces he’s transferring.

BASEBALL IS BACK MLB Opening Day is tomorrow, and everyone thinks their team is good....for now.