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The Mid-Morning Dump: What a Sports Weekend for Cyclone fans

Men’s basketball back on track, a ladies blowout, football commitments, and two Big 12 wrestling champs

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HOPE IS BACK. What an improbable, incredible road win for the Cyclones in Waco.

WHO WHERE THOSE GUYS? Uncle Randy asks in a tongue-in-cheek way, a stark contrast from the final 3 weeks of the season.

BIG 12 AWARDS. Several Cyclones were deservedly recognized.


BIG 12 TOURNEY BRACKETS. Men’s and the Women’s are posted.

TWO BIG 12 TITLES. David Carr and Paniro Johnson took home titles.

WHAT THE CHAMPS SAID. After their huge weekend in Tulsa.

WRESTLING POD. Great stuff here from Jacqueline and Ben at CF.

5 CYCLONES. There were 5 Cyclones on the podium overall.

FOOTBALL ‘CROOTS. Danny Inglis and Keaton Roskop committed over the weekend.


BRACKETOLOGY. Big board from Yahoo. And an update from Lunardi.

HOUSTON BUZZER BEATER. Over Memphis in dramatic fashion.

FIRST TOURNEY BIRTH. For Kennesaw State.

DRAKE. Is going dancin’, and looks like a Cinderella.

MARK ADAMS. Has been suspended for a comment made to players.

JA MORANT OUT. Indefinitely after his latest dumb move.

9 BIG NBA QUESTIONS. As we near the playoffs.

THE KNICKS ARE ON FIRE. Got an awesome double OT win over the weekend.

MLB NEW RULES. Winners and Losers according to 538.

SPRING TRAINING PROSPECTS. Here are the best 30 performers from spring ball.

NFL COMBINE. Winners and Losers.

MOCK AROUND THE CLOCK TONIGHT. Here’s a new post-combine mock draft.