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The Mid-Morning Dump: Big 12 Tourney Day 1

Also congrats Lindell!

TOP 25 The Twister Sisters sit at 25 going into the Big 12 Tournament.

MORE RANKINGS Cracking the top 10.

LINDELL IS BACK Wigginton is back in Milwaukee.

DAY ONE The Big 12 Tourney starts in Kansas City today, reminder to check out our guide!

TICKET PUNCHED Gonzaga is headed to the big dance.

RECRUITING The Jets really want Aaron.

NO INTEREST? Lamar Jackson is reportedly gaining less interest from teams than expected.

MOCK SEASON Another day. Another mock.

CUT TRACKER Follow along with releases in the early offseason.

FRANCHISE TAGGED The Giants have placed it on Saquon.

DANNY DIMES More news from New York.