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The Mid-Morning Dump: O.S.C.A.R.S. Night

Pretty sure this is better than that other Oscars event.

BIG NIGHT The shinning stars of Cyclone Nation were out and about last night.

BOOK IT Coach Otz adds a walk-on to the roster for the upcoming season.

INTRIGUING Does anybody have thoughts on what the new throwbacks will look like?

PORTAL SZN It’s not just the basketball team that’s picking up impactful transfers.

WRONG ANSWER I’m sure this won’t age poorly and piss LeBron off for Game 3.

IS HE BACK?? Is Bubble Murray back for the playoffs?

NO GIANNIS NO PROBLEM The Bucks hit 25 three-pointers last night. I’ll say again, 25 three-pointers!

OKAY PAUSE Are the Cubs good? No like, good good?