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The Mid-Morning Dump: Himmy Butler

All Praise Sir Buckets

TRANSFER TALK The Godfather sat down with coach Otz to talk about the new faces in men’s basketball.

67 People are saying we’re a golf school.

CHAPEL HILL Lexi Donarski is trading in Cardinal and Gold for Carolina Blue.

HIMMY BUTLER If Jimmy Butler went to Iowa State instead of Marquette, Ames might’ve been renamed to Butler Town by now. Good gracious can that guy hoop.

RODGERS Aaron Rodgers understands the only way to win is to surround yourself with Cyclones. Allen Lazard and Breece Hall will be stars on this new offense.

DON’T POKE THE KING Dillon Brooks is going to be in China a year from now. LeBron put up 20 and 20 as the Lakers move to 3-1.

PEOPLE FORGET About me going on a parade after we beat Emoni Bates and Memphis, touting that the Cyclones just beat Kevin Durant 2.0. Anyway, Bates is in the draft.

THE LAYOFF LEADER ESPN got the scissors out once again. Hoping all those laid off are onto bigger and better things.

THE BEAUTIFUL BULLDOG CONTEST I rarely pub my own stuff, but c’mon man. Check this story out if you like big meatball bulldogs. Jeff wrote a great story and I was lucky enough to shoot it.