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The Mid-Morning Dump: Three Cyclones Taken in NFL Draft

Plus several more signed as UDFAs

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JET FUEL. The Jets now have three Cyclones.

X IN HOUSTON. The Iowa State WR was taken by the Texans.

ANTHONY JOHNSON JR. Was also taken by the Packers.

UDFAS. The Cyclones also had 3 players sign after being undrafted.

DAMNO. Lineman Hunter Deyo has entered the transfer portal.

FIRST BIG 12 SERIES WIN. Is in the books on senior day for the softballers.

DRAKE RELAYS. It was 3 white flags for the Cyclones this weekend.

HOCKEY CLUB. The ISU club hockey team is back from suspension.

SPICY CURRY. Steph drops 50 to put away the Kings.

HEAT. Take game one from the Knicks.

BOSTON BLEW A 3-1 LEAD. What a monumental upset for Florida.

LEAFS. Toronto finally got out of the first round!!!

DRAFT GRADES. From the NFL draft.

POWER OF THE INTERNET. Never underestimate Reddit, as one user managed to change the Will Levis betting market.

MLB POWER RANKINGS. We are almost a month in, folks.

THE GOOCH. Stays hot, winning $12 million and finishing first in 2 straight LIV events.