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The Mid-Morning Dump: We are a Tennis School Now

Iowa State Tennis is in the Elite 8!

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ELITE EIGHT. The Cyclones are a WAGON at tennis.

SOFTBALL. The softball squad upset Baylor before falling to Oklahoma.

THAT TRACKS. Women’s Track and Field gets best outdoor Big 12 finish.

GAMBLING PROBLEM. Two in-state wresting programs have gambling problems.

COMMITT. Priority safety Quentin Taylor pledged to the Cyclones.

GEORGES. Got into a kerfuffle on Sunday.

TATUM. Jayson Tatum had a monster 51 point game 7 performance.

UGLY LOSS. Ugly post-game comments from Embid.

WESTERN CONFERENCE FINALS. 3 big predictions for this series.

GUN CRAZY. Ja Morant is suspended for flashing a gun again.


EMBARASSMENT. The St. Louis Cardinals are baseball’s biggest one.

NFL STARTING LINEUP. Predictions for every team.

ONE THING WE LEARNED. About every NFL team this offseason.

COMMANDERS FOR SALE. And it’s about damn time.