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The Mid-Morning Dump: It Was One Heck Of A Run

Our tennis season sadly comes to an end.

SO CLOSE Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

NEVER GIVE UP Battlehawks legend Hakeem Butler signs with the Steelers!

WELCOME TO THE LEAGUE Ashley Joens locks up a roster spot in the WNBA for the Wings!

ONE HECK OF A SEASON Gutschewski finished the season with a 70.78 stroke average, the best in school history.

HIMMY BUTLER ONCE AGAIN Just a casual 35 points for Butler and the Heat steal game 1!

SPURS GONNA SPURS We’ve seen this story twice already workout well in San Antonio. Will it again?

YABOOOOOOO Pete Alonso sends this one to the moon!

WHO Y’ALL GOT? The South is officially Hockey Country.

TRY HARDS Michigan went a little too overboard with caring about school and messed up.