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The Mid-Morning Dump: The NBA is Good

For Those Wondering

SAD NOISES Cyclone news is few and far between right now, so instead I’m just going to post this Monte Morris tweet that made me feel sad. Christian Braun should have to give Monte his ring.

LeSWEPT LeRetiring. James is no longer playing basketball, so to keep ESPN’s attention he threatens to retire. Smart.

WRITER’S STRIKE If the NBA is scripted, it appears their writers are on strike too.

HANGING UP THE HOOD Carmelo “Hoodie Melo” Anthony calls it a career. Finishing top 10 all time in points scored, salute to a hooper.

JIMMY CYCLONE Never forget, and never forgive Wes Johnson.

AND REMEMBER KIDS Hey, I’m not gonna force anyone to like the NBA, but if you don’t like the NBA, you just don’t like basketball. Which is fine, but that’s just how it is.