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The Mid-Morning Dump: Heat v. Nuggets

The Heat was too Hot for Boston

HERE’S A DOG Look man, it’s the end of May. This is as much Cyclone content as you’re gonna get on a Tuesday.

TIN FOIL HAT Crazy how this series went 7 games once the NBA found out that The Finals don’t start until June.

HEAVY FAVORITES The Nuggets opened at -360 to win the series, then again, the Heat had a 1% chance to make The Finals. FWIW, I think the Heat have already beat two teams better than the Nuggets.

SPOILER ALERT HBO made me very upset after a series finale.

BILL SIMMONS BEING SAD And Caleb Martin about to be PAID.

TYRESE HALIBURTON DEMANDS A TRADE Connor Mac has been hired by the Indiana Pacers as a ‘team assistant’, and unofficially as the ‘post entry pass coordinator’.

TRUST THE PROCESSING Carroll County stand up! Nick Nurse’s unemployment did not last long. (Screw Kuemper Catholic though)

FOLLOW ALONG I’m ranking Nike’s NBA uniforms, and my rankings are inarguably 100% correct, thank you.