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The Mid-Morning Dump: You Got to Know When To Hold ‘Em

Know when to Fold ‘em

GAMBLING MAN Iowa State is under investigation.

TWITTER IS AWESOME As long as players weren’t betting on games they were playing in, I think this is silly, so let’s laugh at tweets.

THE LONNIE WALKER GAME Lonnie Walker believers stand up! The 24-year-old benchwarmer scored all 15 of his points in the 4th quarter. LeBum bailed out yet again.

HUGGY BEAR Bob Huggins, what are we doing?

THE NBA IS DUMB Do I think Jokic should be suspended? No. Do I think Draymond Green or Patrick Beverly get suspended for doing the exact same thing? Yes. Suns in 6, bozos.

SPEAKING OF How do you guard these guys?

HIT IT! Take it away Kenny!