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The Mid-Morning Dump: McNuggets Win a McRing

Jokic Has a 28 Piece in the Deciding Game

TEAM ISU-SA Four Cyclones are on the U19 USA team including Coach Otz.

THE JOKER He’s come a long way from being drafted during a quesarito commercial (Bring back the quesarito @TacoBell)

WHY CAN’T WE HAVE NICE THINGS? The Nuggets have their first championship in franchise history, and it was immediately followed with a mass shooting.

BIG EASY The former first pick could be on the move after a disappointing start to his NBA career.

JUNE 22nd The draft is next on the agenda of ‘THIS LEAGUE’ off-season madness. I pity the team that takes Brandon Miller before Scoot Henderson.

NOT A HAWKEYE Iowa was rumored to be in the mix, but with the other schools involved I’m not sure they stood much of a chance.

THE STINSONS KCCI’s intern, and WRNL contributor Nigel Dyson had his final story with KCCI about CJ and Curtis Stinson. Here’s to hoping they’ll both be Cyclone legends.