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The Mid-Morning Dump: Peak Off-Season is Here

Boy there isn’t anything fun to talk about

MENS U 19 TEAM. Pearl Harbored Madagascar, and just snuck by Slovenia.

TEU? A legacy Oklahoma commit pledged to the Cyclones.

YOU’RE A WIZZARD, SHOON. The Cyclone big man is going to summer league with Washington.

HOOPS TRANSFERS. Here is a nice breakdown of what each one brings.

‘NOTHER CROOT. Cael Brezina recaps his visit to Ames.

THE UNIVERSE IS EXPANDING IN ALL DIRECTIONS. The Big 12 maybe expanding in this direction.

CWS. Game 3 is upon us as Florida demolished LSU.

BASEBALL IS BACK. In London, at least.

MLB POWER RANKINGS. The Astros are coming back to earth.

NFL. 4 teams poised to make a big jump on offense and defense.

AB DRAMA IS BACK. He has thoughts on his exit from Tampa.

NBA DRAFT. Grades for every team.

WEMBY IS HUGE. And people are just realizing this.

NOT HAPPY. At this call from the ump.