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The Mid-Morning Dump: The Headline Today is College Baseball? Woof.

I need real sports back, please.

OMAHA The incoming freshman scored 8 points in the 2nd game of U19 play.

GEAUXMAHA Does anybody watch college baseball?

WITH ALL DUE RESPECT Iowa State breaks this record in one day.

EXPLETIVES Hey Dalvin Cook, stay the **** away from New York. The Jets literally have a ROTY candidate on a 2nd round rookie contract. Go to Dallas and play three games cuz you’ll get injured and fumble. -A jaded Vikings and Breece Hall fan

FREE FOR ALL A pretty down free agent class, but I’m sure the NBA will be full of shenanigans in the off-season, keep your eye out for a Dame trade too.

SPEAKING OF The future in Portland is Scoot, here’s what’s next for the best Trail Blazer of all time.

SIGNING OFF Stan Verrett and Neil Everett were the Sports Center anchors of my childhood, here’s a look back on Neil’s nearly 20-year career on the flagship show.