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The Mid-Morning Dump: Big 12 Expansion Imminent?

Miami wins, NBA Finals now even at 1-1

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RUN THE BALL. Iowa State has to do that in 2023.

NEW BIG 12. Means new challenges and opportunities.

FOOTBALL OPPONENTS. A nice breakdown of who we play in 2023.

ROSEY IN CLEVELAND. Mike Rose has been invited to Browns camp.

IOWBILLA STATE RECRUITING. Great read on our football recruiting history.

COLORADO AND ARIZONA. Are apparently set to join the Big 12.

MONEY MONEY MONEY. This news comes as the Big 12 handed out record payouts.

BASKETBALL EXPANSION. Is certainly on the table also.

GOLD NO MORE. The good feelings in Denver vanished after a game 2 loss.

REF CULTURE. Miami benefitted from 2 very bad calls.

NCAA BASEBALL. Here is how the bracket looks.

OUR SYCAMORES. Defeated Iowa in the regionals.

BILLS GET BETTER. Sign Leonard Floyd to add to their defense.

DALVIN COOK. May be chefing in Miami before long.

MLB POWER RANKINGS. Are the Diamondbacks good?