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The Mid-Morning Dump: LIV After Death

Long Liv the Golf

RUN IT The Cyclones take on nationals.

GOLF STUFF I’m not even going to pretend like I’m smart enough to break this down, nor do I care enough. Golf stuff.

GAME 3 Miami stole one in Denver, can the Heat protect South Beach?

MOCK DRAFT SZN If you’re a fan of one of the 28 NBA teams no longer playing, here’s a look at where the mock draft stands.

UNCLE JEFF Pretty sure Jeff Green got drafted in 1989. Don’t look that up, it just feels right.

IS THIS A JOKE? The Joker looked like a mere mortal in game 2. Is this a fluke, or has Miami cracked the code?

GET THE SHROOMS A 30 for 30 on Bill Walton premieres tonight on ESPN. Get some hallucinogens and tune in.

I’LL LEAVE YOU WITH THIS No context, just here it is.