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The Mid-Morning Dump: Nuggets Take Game 3

Braun + Jokic = 2-1 Lead

ADDING TO THE CULTURE Iowa State Football adds two new recruits to the 2024 class.

GREAT GUY MONTE This makes me smile.

FINALS BOUND Ezekiel Rop will run Friday in the National Final after finishing third in the semifinal.

GOLFIN WITH THE GALS Karisa Chul-Ak-Sorn participates in the Arnold Palmer Cup. Pretty cool.

TAKEN BACK THE SERIES Jokic breaks records, Braun shows up big time, and the Nuggs win.

GET READY TO LEARN CHINESE BUDDY This start came after he said, “I Would Give Away My Hypothetical First-Born To Be The Old Me.”

BRAUN A DAWG 15 points, 87% FG, and four rebounds in just 19 minutes for the rookie.

WHAT IS THIS TWEET So Chris Paul and the Suns are taking a break.....or just thinking about it?