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The Mid-Morning Dump: Fitzgerald Fired

Counter: 0 Days Since a Super Messed up Scandal in the Big Ten

SHAWTY GOT HIPS, AND SHAWTY GOT GRASS I’m no grass expert but that’s a damn good-looking field.

THAT’S WILD-CATS Everything from freshman hazing to systemic racism. Northwestern no longer has a head coach.

SHUT UP DANNY Coming to the defense of a homophobic and racist football program is certainly a choice you can make. I promise there’s hundreds of coaches that can win football games without letting ‘The Purge’ happen in their locker rooms. My two cents.

BEEF STEW Isaiah Stewart inked a long-term deal with the team that drafted him. A Stewart/Duren front court could be one of the best big duos in the coming years.

JALEN DUR-ANT or Kevin Duren? Speaking of the Pistons center is making a name for himself in summer league.

DINGERS Vlad Jr impaled 72 home runs in Seattle last night.

WINNING in July? The Brooklyn Nets are no longer the team of the summer, sad.