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The Mid-Morning Dump: RAGBRAI Week, Brian Harman Wins the Open

First major win for Harman

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LOADED SECONDARY. Nice position preview on the strength of the defense.

JACK TRICE. Should the story of Jack Trice be more well known?

5 STAR TENNIS. Big time recruit for the Tennis program.

HEY QUIT STEALING. Oklahoma State has stolen our defense.

BRIAN HARMAN. Wins his first Major at the Open.

HECKLER. Someone tried to rattle Harman, but ended up helping him.

DALVIN COOK. Is still on the market.

RUNNING BACKS. Are meeting to figure out how to get paid more.

THE LAKERS. Were already old, but now they may sign Rudy Gay.

SELL THE TEAM. Charlotte’s sale has gone through.

GAS MAN. Aroldis Chapman can throw a 103 MPH fastball.

WOMENS WORLD CUP. Huge ratings followed US vs Vietnam.

MLB TRADE DEADLINE. Top stories and players available.

MLB POWER RANKINGS. As we clear the All Star Break.