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The Mid-Morning Dump: Ragbrai in Ames

Carroll -> Ames

KIND OF A BIG DEAL As Ragbrai hits it’s 50th anniversary we may be on the eve of a Guiness World Record for the largest bike riding event in history from Ames to Des Moines.

REP THE BRAND Cyclones stand up

SAY HI! KCCI will be there all day, and I’ll be in Ames from 2pm-10pm so if you see a guy with a big camera on his shoulder with a KCCI sticker, it’s probably me.

DON’T BE A RUNNING BACK I feel like we’re going to have a running back shortage pretty soon. Why would anyone want to get tackled 40 times a game and be treated like a replacement ref?

LOOK I know it’s more complicated than this, but the trolling that would’ve happened if a Mountain West school turned down the Big 12 in the eleventh hour in 2011? We would’ve been crucified. Pac 12 is poverty, get to the beach while you can folks.

LAZY You know Nikola Jokic has been in America too long when he decides he’s too good to play for his national team during the summer.

RICH PEOPLE ARE STUPID The app formerly known as ‘twitter’ continues to be slaughtered and sold for parts by self-proclaimed genius.

McBUCKETS Tyrus McGee’s jumper is still as silky smooth as it was in 2012. Major ONIONS!