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The Mid-Morning Dump: Well Well Well Guess Who’s Back

The Pac-12 is dead and Colorado is back in the Big 12

GOOD VIBES What’s better than The Bridge? Biking on The Bridge!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Happy B-Day to one of the more underrated Cyclones.

DON’T MISS OUT ISU Volleyball is only going to get better, mine as well go watch a couple matches.

HOW THE TABLES HAVE TURNED You could not live with your own failure. Where did that bring you? Back to me.

THE TRADE DEADLINE IS HERE The Angels are all in at the deadline for the first time in franchise history!

EVERYBODY CALM DOWN The U.S. Women avoid a loss and a serious problem.

HAPPY TO BE BACK Kike Hernandez is back in blue and he couldn't be happier.