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Colorado officially Rejoins The Big 12 Conference

12 years later and they are back

Today the Colorado Board of Regents officially voted for the University of Colorado to rejoin the Big 12 Conference. The vote was unanimous in an online zoom meeting just after the 4pm start date.

It has been 12 years since Colorado has officially competed in the Big 12 conference and they are no slated to start Big 12 competition once again in 2024. The move comes after turmoil and twist and turns in the PAC 12 TV negotiations. Colorado has apparently been very vocal behind the scenes wanting to see numbers on the future deal but have not made head way. So instead they pivoted and joined the more stable conference, the Big 12.

It remains to be scene if the Big 12 will stop at Colorado but the rumor mill is swirling fast. Stay tuned and keep your head on a swivel as this thing can turn fast. Stay tuned to WRNL as football season starts to ramp up!