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The Mid-Morning Dump: More Big 12 Expansion to Come?

All eyes turn to Arizona this week

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BASKETBALL TRIP. The Cyclones should play decent teams in the Bahamas.

MILAN. TJ and staff are hoping Momcilovic’s shooting can help out right away.

CYCLONE DEFENSE. Tracking gains and losses for the Cyclone defense.

PETERSEN FAMILY. A neat story here about the Petersen brothers.

ICYMI. Sweet Prince Colorado has returned home.

BIG 12. Here’s the school the Big 12 needs to add.

COLOADO. Takeaways from them moving leagues.

BIG 12 EXPANSION CANDIDATES. I’m guessing most of the Pac-12 is on there.

IT’S A MESS. NBA starting lineups that are still a mess.

CFB QB. Competitions from around the sport.

USWNT. Is set to square off with Portugal.

SO LONG SONY. Sony Michel has retired after 5 seasons.

JONATHAN TAYLOR. Has apparently requested a trade from the Colts.