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The Mid-Morning Dump: Realignment is— Fun?

Iowa State is on the Right Side of Realignment, For Once

REALIGN THIS I was only 12 when it was Big 12 doomsday back in 2011, but this feels glorious. PAC 12 dying out is music to my ears.

FAMILLIAR FACES Georges Niang had his annual golf outing in central Iowa over the weekend.

WRASTLIN A highly anticipated season is ahead of us.

WORLD CUP? Honestly had no idea the World Cup was going on until yesterday, but apparently the US is bad now? Or something? I don’t know man, is it football season yet?

CARLI IS MAD Carli Lloyd is mad, and apparently no longer plays for the USWNT, I’m learning lots of things today.

IS IT FOOTBALL SEASON YET? No, but it’s never too early for the SEC-PN propaganda machine is up and running. Three of the four schools named are SEC, and Iowa State isn’t in this video once.

MOUNTAIN WEST Is about to add a very subpar college football program, congrats!

SAM PRESTI, KING OF THE FUTURE Sam Presti has more draft picks than God. But he already has a pretty good squad, here’s a look at the new wave Thunder.

CHEERS Could be an all-time day on twitter, or X, or whatever that rich man baby is calling the app he bought. Here’s to Iowa State not getting left out in the cold, look at us.