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Multiple Cyclone Football players accused of significant charges related to DCI gambling investigation

Boy, this sure got ugly fast.

Syndication: The Des Moines Register Bryon Houlgrave/The Register, Des Moines Register / USA TODAY NETWORK

In an offseason that just can’t stop getting worse, four more names have come out in the DCI’s criminal investigation into sports gambling by college athletes at Iowa State and Iowa. As was first reported by Travis Hines of the Des Moines Register, Jirehl Brock, DeShawn Hanika, Isaiah Lee, and Jake Remsburg were all charged with tampering with criminal records and accused of significant sports gambling violations.

All, but Jake Remsburg is accused of placing various bets on NCAA sporting events, while the other three have been accused of placing bets on Iowa State events.

Jirehl Brock and Isaiah Lee both have been accused of betting on Iowa State football games which they took part in, but Lee’s specific circumstances are certain to go down in infamy.

Lee has been accused of placing a wager on the Texas moneyline prior to the 2021 Iowa State vs. Texas game, which Iowa State won 30-7. This means that Lee actively bet against his own team, which significantly impacts the legitimacy of those games, even if Iowa State did win that game handily.

Obviously, gambling on a game you are actively participating in displays incredibly poor judgment, but actively betting against your own team transcends poor judgment.

If Cyclone fans are looking for solace in this time, those players have not participated in fall camp, and may have likely been away from the team for some time, given that none of them have player pages on anymore. The team has been preparing for a season without them.

And some of you may have already heard these players mentioned previously in relation to the investigation, but it hurts deeply to finally see it printed on the page, and it’s especially painful to see the extent of it.

Either way, football marches on, and we’re just a few weeks away from kickoff against UNI, which will be some much needed catharsis for our fanbase.