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The Mid-Morning Dump: Football Around the Corner

Please just get here already, football season

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WATCH LIST SZN. It’s Jim Thorpe for TJ Tampa.

VODKA. Iowa State now has it’s own collective vodka.

TEAM PREIVEW. See how Frogs O’ War views the 2023 Cyclones.

ALWAYS BET AGAINST YOURSELF. Who amongst us hasn’t happiness hedged?

ICYMI. If you’ve been under a rock, gambling stuff happened.

LOVE TO SEE IT. The Yankee’s season is a disaster.

WANDER FRANCO. Is not a good person.

OHTANI. The Angels have really made a mess.

MLB POWER RANKINGS. We are over halfway, folks.

TREY LANCE DOWN BAD. Brock Purdy is back.

NEYMAR. Is being transferred to Saudi Arabia.

WHERE HAVE I SEEN THIS BEFORE. James Harden is disgruntled with his situation.

NOT A CHEESBURGER. The NCAA wants to go after Harbaugh.

FANTASY DRAFT. Here is your draft toolkit.