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Litecast: 2023 Game-by-Game Predictions, Gambling Fallout, and Roasting the Big 12

One of us is predicting 7 wins and the other is predicting 5. Sounds about right!

Austin and Matt start this week with a discussion on the State Fair and some tips and tricks for maximizing your stay. Then, with more names being public from the gambling investigation, we talk the impact it may have on the team and if we would welcome any of the accused back to the team. Matt went through the Athlon preview to roast the Big 12 because honestly the conference might not be great this year. Lastly, it’s time for our official game-by-game football season predictions. One of us predicts 7 wins, the other 5 wins. Tune in to find out! Presented by Es Tas Bar & Grill!