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Cyclones Women’s Soccer wins regular season opener over Arizona, 2-1

Cyclones beat the Wildcats in future Big 12 Match-up!

Syndication: The Des Moines Register Margaret Kispert/The Register / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Iowa State Women's Soccer team kicked off tonight against the future Big 12 Arizona Wildcats for their regular season opener with their brand new grass turf at the Cyclone Soccer Complex. Before tonight's match-up, the Cyclones went 2-0 in their preseason friendlies verse Minnesota and UNI while Arizona lost their only preseason game against Pepperdine.

Iowa State Starting Roster

(G) Avery Gillahan, (D) Maddie Brant, (D) Chloe Broughton, (D) Hanna Reid, (D) Olivia Edwards, (M) Lauren McConnell, (M) Sophia Thomas, (M) Hannah Shaw, (M) Abigail Miller, (M) Mira Emma, (F) Salomé Prat

Arizona Starting Roster

(G) Hope Hisey, (D) Sarah Rice, (D) Ella Hatteberg, (D) Maia Brown, (M)Trinity Dorsey, (M/F) Megan Chelf, (M) Nyota Katembo, (M) Sami Baytosh, (M) Marley Chappel, (F) Nicole Dallin, (F) Desiree Foster

First-Half Highlights

  • Miscommunication at the back and Arizona forward Nicole Dallin scores a goal from the left side of the penalty area to the bottom right corner of the goal 9’ in to put Arizona up 1-0.
  • Iowa State forward Salomé Prat scores a goal from the right-central area of the penalty area off a lobbed ball from Mira Emma. Arizona defenders weren’t able to get a good clearance and Prat strikes it home to the bottom left corner of the goal 17’. Game was tied up 1-1.
  • Arizona Wildcat Trinity Dorsey gets a yellow card on a hard sliding tackle on Iowa State Mira Emma outside the box 18’.
  • First-Half whistle blows with the score tied 1-1. Iowa State led with 4 shots with 4 on goal verse Arizona’s 3 shots with 1 on goal.

Second-Half Highlights

  • Iowa State Mira Emma was awarded a penalty kick, shot bottom left corner and saved by Arizona goalkeeper Hope Hisey 59’.
  • Iowa State Salomé Prat takes a shot on goal, ricochets out to Alex Campana in a loose ball situation that found Abigail Miller for a shot outside the box that bounces off a defender and goes into the bottom right corner for a goal 63’. Iowa State went up 2-1.
  • Iowa State’s Kristin Boos receives a yellow card on a cleat up slide tackle through the Wildcat player 78’.
  • Final whistle blows with the score 2-1 Iowa State.

Post Game Thoughts

The beginning of each half started off with a lot of possession ball and trying to find good passes for each squad. Some communication errors plagued the Iowa State backline that after the first goal got resolved. Mira Emma showed a lot of her experience during the beginning stages of the game leading the midfield offensively and playing Salomé Prat exactly where she was wanting it. Towards the end of both halves, fatigue started creeping in with more passing errors and plays were becoming more of long-ball tactics than possession. In the end - both teams did extremely well and a few touches going the other way could’ve led to a different finish.

Player of the Match

My vote for player of the match goes to Iowa State’s forward Salomé Prat. Her 4 shots on goal with one going in was key to a very back and forth game. She was able to stretch the defense and connected really well with Mira Emma from the midfield to get great counters and combos that kept Arizona’s 3 backs on their toes.

Next Game

Iowa State goes on the road to Greeley, Colorado to face-off against Northern Colorado on Sunday, August 20th. Kick-off will be at 1:00PM CT on ESPN+.

How to Watch Future Games

All home games will be live streamed to Big12NOW/ESPN+ as well as having free admission at the Cyclone Sports Complex!

Most conference away games will be available to watch on Big12NOW/ESPN+ and others either unprovided or on ESPN+.