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The Mid-Morning Dump: Bye-rehl Brock

RB1 is Packing his Bags

RANDY BOMB Brock is moving on and moving out.

SPAGHETTI HANDS Kolar caught some gabagool last night.

BAHAMA BOYS Good vibes.

WELCOME BACK To all students, athletes, staff and Cyclones.

BAKER’S BUCS I for one, had no idea Baker Mayfield plays for the Bucs.

SO MUCH TIME FOR SLEEPOVERS Jim Harbaugh put himself in timeout, I don’t know exactly for what, but I’m guessing mostly because he’s just a weird dude.

BILL SELF GAME Kansas will play an away game at Illinois, my guess is a school that Bill Self has coached for will win that game.

BULLSHITTY Lonzo Ball has declared himself out for the season, two months before it starts. Hm.

THE REQUIM FOR THE RUNNING BACK I’m old enough to remember when running backs were more important than long snappers.

FLIXBALL Netflix is all in on football content, and honestly I’ll take any football I can get right now.

TY-MAC Tyrese did his best Tracy McGrady impression scoring a lot of buckets and a little amount of time. USA won their last tune-up game before FIBA begins.