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The Mid-Morning Dump: The One Where the Four Corner Schools Join the Big 12

Well folks, the Big 12 is NOT, in fact, dead

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WHAT IS A LUCAYANS? The Cyclones dummied them.

ON THE SAME PAGE. The Women’s basketball squad needs to get there.

5 STAR CULTURE? Losing and gambling doesn’t fit it.

GAMBLING. A sports wagering expert weighs in on the ISU-Iowa gambling probe.

CLICKING. Folks, the offensive line is clicking.

MEDIA DAY. Here is what we learned.

FOUR CORNERS. Now be long to the Big 12, betches.

GO WEST YOUNG MAN. Westward expansion is great for the Big 12.

RELAIGNMENT WINNERS AND LOSERS. We are really all losers here.

CONSOLIDAITON. Not realignment, writes Ralph D. Russo.

JEEZ JIMBO. Jimbo Fisher has no self-awareness in regards to both money and realignment.

SATURDAY NIGHT FIGHT. Tim Anderson and Jose Ramirez had a brawl.

WORLD SERIES CONTENDERS. After the trade deadline.

3 GAME SUSPENSION. For Alvin Kamara.

BAG FOR AD. He signed the richest extension ever to stay in LA.